Shadetree Homestead

Choose Your Adventure!

Ignite Healing

The woods are the places we go for healing, discovery, peace, and play.

Our property is a work in progress! Aren’t we all works in progress?!

We offer services outside on our family’s 200+ year old land or in our renovated mechanic shop because these days, we all need more sunlight, fresh air, dirt and trees for our psychological and physiological wellbeing. Be more you by joining our group activities, fitnessing fun, leisure activities, and educational events.

Our sophisticated ways of living with technology are burdensome to our innate connection to the Earth. Collectively, we feel more anxious, depressed, isolated, or alone. The culture of instant gratification blinds us to our mental, emotional, and physical needs garnered only in the wilderness of vast open spaces, slower pace, animal sounds, human connection, and rites of passage.

Come build your GRIT with us:
rounding Resilience Integrity Trust

We’re Growing in Phases…like Nature intended!

PHASE 1: (2021)
Professionally recycle 800 gallons of used oil and reuse barrels
Recycle 9 cars and big machines to scrap
Clear space for primitive campsites with fire rings – open on AirBnb and HipCamp
Clean up garbage, metal, car materials (on-going) on grounds and in shop
Cut down and process trees in axe throwing pit in preparation of leveling the ground

PHASE 2: (2022)
Professionally level axe throwing area
Boards, safety fences, and light poles installed
Open outdoor axe throwing area
Build more primitive campsites
Host wilderness/survival events and collaborations with local professionals

PHASE 3: (2023)
Educational wilderness/survival/skill events
Launch Summer Camps with a certified teacher
Host woodworking classes for kids and adults
Build pollinator garden
Become beekeepers
Take care of new fruit trees and blueberry bushes
*New!* Build 9 hole disc golf course!

PHASE 4: (2024)
Colleen graduates Holly Springs LAUNCH!
Start seedlings in green house for personal use and community events
More efficient rain-water collection & watering systems
Continued build out of new herb garden & raised beds
Welcome groups to learn about sustainable practices
Prepare to host disc golf tournament in 2025

PHASE 5: (2025+)
Build a pond pavilion for weddings, events, fitness
Build a forever log cabin home for Waylon’s mother
Start planning off-grid home in the woods

Are you an expert needing a space to teach or someone who needs space to gather people?

We’re looking for people who want to do what they do best! Or maybe you need to rent space for an event. This homestead is created to be shared. We can’t serve the community on the grand scale we want all alone, we need leaders and experts like you guiding, teaching, and hosting! Learn more.

Owners + Operators

Colleen and Waylon are a dating app success story. They knew it was forever after a few weeks of dating and shared the common vision of working for themselves, on the same property they lived, in the woods.

They were in luck! Waylon’s property was ripe for a business venture as his father’s old mechanic shop had been sitting unused for a decade. It was time to breathe life back into it!

Waylon, a professional wrestler will be teaching classes in our professional ring (2023) and leading outdoor axe thowing axe-periences.

Colleen, a certified strength coach, Yoga Tune Up instructor, CF-L1 supports glorious human movement through gatherings, classes, and kid-friendly events! Visit her website for the programs she runs at Shadetree!

The future of the homestead includes, but is not limited to: wedding venue, board game events, honey bees, kid’s camps and classes, pregnancy and postpartum focused gatherings, weekend retreats, fundraisers, stories around the campfire, wrestling events, and much more that serves our community’s mental and physical health!

Learn more about Shadetree Homestead or use one of the buttons above to visit us.

Our Manifesto

We believe first in moving and challenging our body and mind to build resiliency to stress, strengthen our weaknesses, and find confidence to journey through life’s challenges. We can only serve others when our cup is full, this means caring for ourselves first.

We put the team, other parents and our community, second. We’re one important piece in the greater good of all.

We treat others with love, non-judgement, compassion, and respect. We expect everyone to be accountable for actions and words, as we do ourselves.

We show up with everything we’ve got in the moment, ready to give our all, with an open mind. We learn from mistakes and grow. Our goal is to simply be better, a little or a lottle, than the previous day. 

Client Love

Colleen’s wisdom about the female body and it’s needs during fertility and pregnancy gave me the guidance that I needed to start believing in myself again after a very long and hard road. – Raeanne, Mom of 2

Sessions with Colleen helped me build back my strength in a safe and unique way that was targeted to my [athletic] abilities and particular postpartum stage. – Alicia, Mom of 2

Professionals love learning with us!

pregnancy postpartum san diego fitness parent

“I can attest to the fact that Colleen is a passionate speaker and a treasure chest of women’s health knowledge. Her focus on helping women prepare their bodies physically for the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum is both intriguing and incredibly important for women during their childbearing year, as well as for the birth workers who support them.”

Joy Koberick, CCCE, HCHD, APPAC, Joyful Roots